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Learn to Teach for Construction

USYC 2015


This project initiated by Technical Reconstruction Group of United States Embassy Youth Council Nepal 2015. The project targets all the prospective users who are planning or concern about constructing their Buildings, Prospective Students who want to learn about construction deeds and building code in Nepal, Prospective Engineers and others. This Website and Mobile App is launched to make user to have tentative ideas before going up for construction. This platform help them to make aware about the latest trends to be adopt for Earthquake Resistant Construction and also make tentative calculation of material and cost estimation. Project is funded by U.S.Embassy, Kathmandu Nepal

For More contact details and Information:

Er. Pragyan Bhattarai, Technical and Content Co-ordinator: Er. Bhattarai is research Engineer and also managing engineering consultancy called Planning and Review Engineering Consultancy. Associate editor of International Journal of Engineering Research and General Science (IJERGS) and Advisory Member of US Embassy Youth Council 2015 Er. Bhattarai had experience in the field of engineering sector and research.
Phone: +977-9851197771
Email: – pragyan.bhattarai@gmail.com

Er Bhattarai LinkedIn: https://np.linkedin.com/in/pragyanbhattarai-17803564
Mr. Saroj Paudel, Media Co-ordinator: Mr. Paudel is the Station Manager of krishi radio (krishi radio is the first and only one agricultural radio of Nepal today) with Experience in the field of Agriculture and Journalism Media since more than 5 years. Mr. Paudel involvement in the Agriculture activities creates wide learning opportunity motivates and inspires young people today’s to work in the field of Agriculture. And he is also Advisory Member of US Embassy Youth Council 2015

Mobile Number: +977-9851083657
Mail address: spojhel@gmail.com

Mr. Paudel LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/saroj-paudel-583a7148

Jayanti Mala Chapagain, IT Co-ordinator : Jayanti is Information Technology graduate and is working in this field for almost a decade now. She also runs an IT company named Spiker Solutions as a Founder. She represents Advisory Member of US Embassy Youth Council 2015

Mobile Number: – +977-9841508274
Mail address: mail.to.jayanti@gmail.com

Jayanti LinkedIn: https://np.linkedin.com/in/jayantimalachapagain

Mr. Saujan Gyawali, Marketing Co-ordinator: Mr. Gyawali is undergrad Business Administration Scholar and involved with Global Chamber Kathmandu in terms of international business and research activities. Advisory Member of US Embassy Youth Council 2015 Mr. Gyawali is more interested in the field of Entrepreneurship and Global Business.

Mobile number: +977-9849987241
Mail address: saujan.gyawali@gmail.com

Mr. Gyawali LinkedIn: https://np.linkedin.com/in/saujangyawali

Mr. Om Kumar Sha (Technical Member) – Er. Sha is Structural Engineer and is involved in many engineering activities and also USYC 2015 member

Mr. Saroj Acharya (Technical Member) – Er. Acharya is Civil Engineer by profession and is associated with government of Nepal as officer and is also USYC 2015 member.